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Thanks to my practical and creative approach, more than 150 professionals have enhanced their ability to communicate in public.

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During my workshops I look after every participant with great care to offer specific tools and improve everyone’s ability to communicate to audiences and clients.

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Team building activities are designed to perfect communication and improve collaboration among a team, as well as to enhance creativity because “all creativity is co-creativity”.

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Both in person and online, private lessons are courses conceived to respond to the specific needs of groups or individuals. A truly tailor-made coaching journey.


In the past years I’ve been working on a method that was born from my theater experience but that could meet the needs of professionals from different fields. Here are some of the most interesting stories from past clients.

I met Anna for a case of serendipity: I read her resume and wrote her an email. A few weeks later, I attended one of her workshops to meet her in person and see her in action: since then, we have collaborated on many projects of the Scuola Holden. Anna brings to the class energy, enthusiasm, lightness in theatrical work and expertise in the practices of Public Speaking: all things that are very important to us.
Martino Gozzi
We met Anna in 2019, and she has accompanied us on our growth path in Public Speaking since. Her group workshops are very useful, and a lot of fun as well. We also took individual consultancies to improve presentations at conferences, and the difference between before and after was incredible. Thank you!!
Andrea Passadori
Founder & Head of Delivery, Digital Pills
The Creative Public Speaking method proposed by Anna Montalenti was a surprise: we acquired new confidence during the presentations of our work to clients. In particular, our team discovered their strengths in creativity and exposition.
Michela Locati
Over the years, I have understood that in jobs like mine, it is essential to know how to speak about oneself, if one wants to grow. In my training with Anna, we went from the technical basis for voice and gesture management to the preparation of speeches in Italian and English for different audiences and for personal and H4O objectives. I recommend everyone to take this path to maximize the potential in each of us!
Edoardo Bono
Water Sanitation and Health Engineer e Ceo, H40 – Help for Optimism
The consultations were a gift from my daughter, who thought I had to overcome the anxiety to make effective speeches. My daughter considered Anna the ideal coach. And so she was! She immediately put me at ease, and together we realized that breathing techniques could be useful to me.
She left me some exercises to do at home, and I can already see the first results.
Lorella Carimali
Maths and Physics Professor, 2017 Italian Teacher Prize, Finalist 2018 Global Teacher Prize, the Nobel Prize for Education
I met Anna thanks to Scuola Holden (a writing school). With her insightful, expert, engaging guide, I was able in a short time to optimize the oral presentation and refine the stage presence; I learned useful strategies to keep the attention of my audience; I acquired important tools to convey my message in an effective and convincing way. I will safeguard her teachings with care and gratitude.
Giorgia Messa
I attended Anna's Public Speaking workshop when I was starting my own business as a private chef. The course allowed me to better understand how to approach the public and how to keep my clients' attention high. I put her teachings into practice and saw the results immediately. Anna made me understand how small details, which I would never have thought of, can completely change how we express ourselves and make others listen to us.
Giulia Burdet